Due to a solar park development on Llama Lland we are having a herd dispersal of the entire herd. We have one of the largest clouds of llamas in the country and have carefully selected our breeding lines over a number of years, there are llamas here to suit everybodies needs, from beautiful grazing animals, guarding, trekking, agility and breeding.

These are a selection of llamas available, contact us if you are looking for something more specific, or make an appointment and come and visit us and see all our llamas, they always enjoy visits.


     Leah born on 3rd August 2010
Cotton born on 22nd June 2010.
Fern  born on 19th May 2005       
Roxy 14/09/2007Roxy born 14th September 2007

    Flora born on 30/08/2008
Katrina is a very dainty little llama, full of character and fun.
She is fully halter trained and really enjoys going out for walks
and being made a fuss of.
She was born 10th August 2009.

Fennel is the shorn one and Kelly Snippet has a full coat. Both these two llamas are 6 years old. They are an inseparable pair, so I am looking for a special home where these two can go together. They are both halter trained and good natured animals.
Lamorna was born 18th July 2009. she takes her looks from her dad King Kong. She has been out to many shows this year and is now ready to find a new home were she will in time produce some stunning babies.

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